The Company goliardica Mario Baistrocchi – or simply Bai – is a historic theater company of Genoa consists of actors and non-professional dancers
Operating since 1913, is made up of students and former studenti– that year they stage a variety theater performances organized on sketch with gag of social satire, politics and costume.
The subject of representations are topics of mostly local interest, though without neglecting engagements with events of national importance. In the first place, however, the local politicians, the institutions of power, are among the subjects targetedlocal (entrepreneurial, sports, etc.) and, more generally, the establishment of official culture.

Mario Baistrocchi, student-lieutenant

The company is named after Mario Baistrocchi (Buenos Aires, 1892 – Opacchiasella-Opatje village, 1917), a law student enrolled in Law, who was the creator and promoter of the project to give birth to a theatrical performance whose interpreters were only students male college students.

Mario Baistrocchi

Severely wounded in April 1916 at Oslavia during the First World War, which he had taken as a lieutenant major assistant to the Granatiers, died in October of the following year. The honorary degree in memory was conferred on him in a solemn ceremony by the Genoese university on May 28, 1918. (insert photographs of the Honorem degree).
Already proposed twice for awards, the silver medal was awarded to the military by the king as a model of patriotic faith and glamor in the battle that preceded the campaign on Bainsizza.
In 1964, in the name of Baistrocchi, and on the occasion of the fiftieth year of foundation of the company, the University of Genoa set up a scholarship. A further prize of study ” Mario Baistorcchi“Titled prof. Pietro Falcidieno, a fictitious author of many magazines, was established by the Genoese university in the academic year 2001-2002.
The Baistrocchi boasts a special award – the Golden Goliardo – which is awarded to famous friends of the company (Renzo Arbore actors., Mariangela Melato, Gigi Proietti, Gino Bramieri, Paolo Conte, and many others)
The proceeds of the representations, which in time have evolved to reach the standard of true “musical”, they are devolve into charity.

The AGU is born – The first show

The first show of the university company to be organized and staged at Teatro Margherita da Baistrocchi with the authors Morici and Paltrinieri, elaborated in 1911 – went on stage – in the year 1913 – was the cheerful brigade .

Company Baistrocchi

To collect the funds needed to buy the dresses, the future goliards actors had to resort to massive collections of acquaintances and relatives.
This first show followed the following year, thanks to the success at the first release, a new title: Looking for the Way … of Canessa and Gallingani.
It was a great success that was replicated in Turin, Milan, Parma, Alessandria, and Pisa.
Since then, every year, the company has not stopped showing every year a show (new or resumed), to be replicated in several city theaters ( namely the Politeama Genovese and the Teatro Rina and Gilberto Govi in Bolzaneto) in about sixty dates in the Christmas period.


Of the Baistocchi – as a matter of course authors – have become part of the time, students who are destined to become personalities of civil society and of the various professional sectors and culture. Within the company there is a code of honor (called the Baistrocchino) that the elephant goliards are bound to observe.

the mythical authors:
Luca Ciurlo,
Emanuele Scarpiello,
Mino Ventura,
Marcello Simoni

But the company was also a kind of lab for characters destined to break through the world of entertainment as well as established professionals, for example, in the fields of journalism, medicine and law.
Shows all of the male (but that wink at women), pure student spirit, those of Baistrocchi – they see actors on-stage dancers often in disguise – turn almost always happening impromptu meta-theater , with antlers in boiling and stadium typhus. There are also no pyrotechnic finishes featuring vegetable throws and toilet paper that greet the classical dance of the dancers in the tutu or the unleashed can-canfinal performed with the artists in guepière of ordinance.
Bai’s activity is told in a documentary that collects the best moments of the company’s recent seasons, released on DVD in 2008 with the title A Legend called “Baistrocchi” .

Marcello Simoni,
Popi Perani

Dr. Giovanni Borghi,
who signed the most beautiful
editions of the Baistecchi

Piero Rossi from 50th
to the present, author,
director, choreographer.